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It's 2022 lets PARENT LIKE A STAR!

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR STARS! Its been a minute but we wouldn't miss a second to share how much we Love and Support our community of STARS. As we move forward on Mission which is "to create and expand Healthy Communities for Mothers and Fathers in seasons of Single Parenting," we know that requires strategic planning for HEALTH.

Traditionally in Western culture, but more specifically in America, we have had these concepts called New Year's Resolutions to start every Calendar Year. By one definition (Merriam Webster) a Resolution is the act or process of resolving: another source cites it as a firm decision to do or not to do something. Though both definitions seem to be relatively Healthy ideas to embrace the concept- we see year after year actions are not always the core issue.

This is why at STAR we are focused on Transformation (change through action) and Achievement (success at objective) Righteously (Right standing with God)! The process to development is deeper than our desires- it is our decisions. Decisions (also known as will), are shaped by our internal agreements before they become external choices. Our Mind, Will and Emotions is spiritually aligned with our Soul, and naturally aligned with our Mental and Emotional Health. So this year we are encouraging our STARS to stop and Selah, we believe there is more than a single action that will change your life, but it is a series of single steps (strategies) that will align your path.

Article for STARS to help Transform Mental and Emotional Health

En-JOY The Journey!

Single Parenting, Transforming, and Achieving Righteously is a Journey and we want to pursue the Journey with Joy! This year's theme is En- JOY the Journey! We are excited to BE not just DO. So we are getting to the WHY? not just the What? in our Decisions, Thoughts, and Emotions because our legacy depends on it. What we BE for our children is equally, if not more powerful than what we do for ourselves. JOY is a good fruit to have and share with others as we journey through life in this Season!


Most any parent and every STAR would agree their children are one of, if not The most important part of their lives, yet we do not understand how our Healing directly impacts their Destiny. Theoretically we understand getting better is best for them, but literally its harder to apply. This year we are going to start Being the Change we want to See! Life requires so much of us but Legacy reminds the world the reflection of us. Healthy children need Healthy parents, this postures us to H.E.A.L. (Heal, Evolve, Affirm and Lead) our families in ways we may not know. That's what our Community is for- engaging with those who are on the Journey too, and those who have gone before us- because great things are in store for the STARS!

Article for Parents on Being and Supporting their Lights:-)

Check out our Podcast series click H.E.A.L.


As we end this Message on a High Note- I want you to know that you are Loved, you are Seen, and more than you know you are Understood! Being a Single Parenting person has been one of the most impactful and important Journeys of my life. I could not see where it was leading me most of the Journey, but whether I paid attention or not, my life moved, but NOW I am intentional in what direction that move makes. I pray that every STAR is empowered and en-strengthened to Move with the Right MOmentum so that these Seasons of Single Parenting are just that- a Season. BUT while your in it make the MO-st:-) of it- Heal, learn, love, play, grow, WIN! En-JOY the Journey! Love you MO-st!


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