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HEY S.T.A.R.'s! Heal Sis! Heal Bro! Resources

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

So we've started a Blog!

Resources, Relational Convos, and Revelations (rhymes with Reparations - Just kidding) coming soon:-))))..

Purpose of Healing (Purpose/Perfect Series)

2021 has been a Year! and we (S.T.A.R.) decided it was still going to have PURPOSE! So much Revelation has come from this series and this Process has been one for the books- for the Lead Servant (Mo) and many S.T.A.R.'S attached. As I pushed through personal wars against my (inner-me) enemy- God moved on my behalf and behalf of our organization by bringing AMAZING people into my life and onto our platforms. Inside of one of my greatest Purposes was the Purpose to Heal! and we did something new with the H.E.A.L. Sis! H.E.A.L Bro! series> THIS SERIES (insert whoa face). H.E.A.L. is an acronym (Heal Evolve Affirm Lead) and that was Indeed what happened.

H.E.A.L. Sis! H.E.A.L. Bro! Series Resources


Healing Happens Generationally


Evolve Sis! Evolve Bro!

Healing Happens Historically

Researcher's Choice LLC-

Affirmed! Affirmation Revelation

Leading In Love

Transformation Church - YouTube (Ministries we like:-)

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