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(Pursue, Unique, Righteous, Peaceful, Ordained, Special, Existence)

Powerful, Popular, Prevalent are three of the many words to describe this intangible yet sought after concept. "What's my Purpose?" is a resounding inquiry amongst people from all walks of life. Preachers, Practitioners, Artists, Educators, Parents, PEOPLE of all kinds are deeply intrigued by this timeless concept but seemingly not clear how to obtain it. So let me jump right in and say I am no Purpose guru or Master of the Purpose Market.

I am just a girl "EnJoying the Journey," with her Creator. A Creator best knows the "why" for His Creation!

The more I go with God the more I see His Purpose. He shows me who I am and why I am here. He reveals the connection between my idiosyncrasies and my experiences. I am often in Awe of what's in Mo. The unraveling is powerful and positions us to really see what has been innately placed in the depths of our Being. Our prayer at S.T.A.R. is that every Mom and Dad shines as the Man and Woman they were meant to be before they were formed in their Mother's womb.

Purpose PUSHES

As I am sitting in this nice coffee shop on a Tuesday, my daughter on one side and me on the other-

I realize in the midst of making organic oatmeal, packing lunches, prepping bags, slick dressing four kids, dropping off three, trying to connect with My God, all while feeling frustrated and fueled at the same time- Purpose is a pivotal part of my persistence at this point. The truth is Purpose (at least to me and those I learn from) can definitely seem hard! Somedays quitting is a real part of the process, especially when you're in several processes at once. The truth is sacrifice, humility, and transforming are requirements for Purpose, and can be interpreted as pain not pruning, especially if we lose connection to the Creator of our Purpose. But no matter how I feel in a moment, where I am is a thousand times better than where I was- and that's what pushes me to keep trying, writing, hoping, praying, parenting, Being! Change can be nasty but its necessary!

The Truth is what sets us Free and whom the Son sets Free is free indeed!


At S.T.A.R., Parenting is one of our Primary Purposes. Outside of knowing my Creator and myself,

knowing my children (truly) is the most powerful thing I can do for my legacy and lifestyle. Being Healed, Being transformed, Being Light, Being submitted to My God, Being Purposeful, Being Powerful are better than any gift or money I can give or leave.

Becoming the Monique I was meant to be and providing space, wisdom, models, and tools for all my children to become who their Creator made them to be- is one of the biggest Purposes of anyone privileged to be a parent.

It's not easy, Mo fails regularly, I cry often, I scream some, might cuss a little lol but I keep going- (a just person falls 7 times but the getting up is what defines them). Celebrate the Win in new moments and keep getting up and Shine S.T.A.R.!

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