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In 2022 H.E.A.L. S.T.A.R.! EnJOY the Journey!

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

HEAL is a big word, and a consistent focus for our Community and organization. The initial goal of our series (HEAL Sis, HEAL Bro) was to graze the surface of this deep and ever evolving concept, but once we jumped in- we realized this was a Foundation for every fountain of the S.T.A.R. Journey. So ready, set, Grow.........

Healing is Psychological?

Romans 12:2 has been resonating with me for sometime, specifically the renewing of the mind (thoughts, beliefs, perspectives) as it impacts seeing God's Will for ones life. The consistent, interesting position I've found in both religious texts and scientific ones, concur that our mental positions and agreements powerfully align our life's direction. This was re-confirmed after watching a medical documentary appropriately titled, HEAL. Thinking differently is actually an act of "Being" and doing is often our dominant default. So this leads us to ask the question, how do we "Be?"

Human BEINGS...

Where STAR Dads can BE!

One of the main things I often share with my children in frustration is the statement, "I am a Human BEING!!!"

BUT To be honest, in the moment I just wanted them to feel guilty for something I did to myself....

So what is that guilty pleasure? the pressure to DO!

I do adult, I do parent, I do work, I do cook, I do pay bills, I do meet people, I do business...

I even do care, I do love, I do give, I do pray, I do try.....

but is that what I am supposed to be DOING?

I thought I was a BEING! This has been my greatest tension personally and parentally. If my life's Healing is connected to "Thinking Differently" than how do I BE those Thoughts.

Its definitely a Process, but at (S.T.A.R.) we made one decision, to make a bunch of small decisions that determined we will become one big difference (Transformation).



If anyone gets this HEAL(ing) Journey, its ya girl!!!

Love you "MO"st!

"Process is a process" to say the least, but it is the most Powerful, Purposeful, Pertinent path of my present existence. Before this Journey, I thought Peace, Identity, Joy, Purpose, Love, and Purity were all just lofty ideas not tangible realities, but "HIS yoke is easy and HIS burden is light," and I am a living Witness that real Change happens one pivot at a time. Community, Relatability, Accountability, inevitably produce Transformation and Achievement Righteously even while Single Parenting:-)

So in the Process to Eyedentity, Purpose and Partnership, "BEING me! While finding me!" is one of the greatest shifts to the HEALING process I've found.

Eye am who Eye am:-) is showing me how to BE still, BE real, BE confident, BE caring, BE loving, BE Grateful, BE Joyful, BE Beautiful, BE understanding, BE humble,

BE Monique!

Sending love on your Being/ HEALing Journey!


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